Al Zuhair Medical Center laboratory is one of the best medical laboratories in Kuwait. As having the
latest medical tests under the supervision of consultants in laboratory science.

And laboratory sections include the following:
Department of Clinical Chemistry:
And provides analysis of diabetes patients - osteoporosis - the functions of the liver - kidney
function - cardiac enzymes - the analysis of fat and cholesterol types - bone Ail

Section blood diseases:
Specials and provides anal ysis and diagnosis of the causes anemia - anemia genetic - sick and
bleeding and clotting - blood-thinning disease

Section hormones:
Examination before m arriage - examination of male fertility - examination of female fertility - tall
and growth hormones - thyroid hormones - hormones of pregnancy

Section tumor indications:
Breast tumors - lung cancer - c ervical cancer - tumors of the digestive tract - prostate cancer - liver

Section sensitivity:
Sensitivity to the cause s of food - inhalation

Department of Microbiology:
Examination of the urine - feces - sperm - Farms Alictriologip

Section viruses:
Liver different virus es - viruses that cause abortion in collaboration with laboratories United States
of America

Section immune:
Diseases of the join ts Aromatzmep - screw-infectious bacteria - Malta fever - fever Aromatzmep -
Blush malignant

Special tests:
A group of spec ial examinations of certain diseases or to be submitted at a discount and include:
abortion is the first time - repeated abortions - dwarfism and growth - delayed childbearing (for a
spouse - wife) - male sexual impotence - prostate disease - sexually transmitted diseases - diseases
of the joints - a comprehensive examination - Examination before marriage - and tests are rare in
this case sends the samples to Europe and America