One Day Surgery

The day Surgery one day a program introduced several years ago in the United States of America
and begun to spread in Europe and being introduced in the form of an 
individual in the private
sector and its application is still at the very beginning has been 
the Ministry of Health controls
good, the statistics indicate that 67% of Surgical 
procedures in the United States is the principle
of one-day surgery, and perhaps the 
spread of this type of surgery and high demand return to
several reasons, chief among 
them the technical level and advanced medical used in day surgery
such as binoculars 
and laser surgery and angioplasty, computers, which made Alda (part) a small
Making light of the surgeon to use a scalpel and scissors, for example, the bitterness is
now needed to hole is longer than one centimeter, and the costs and taxpayers, most of them
patients who had the desire to reduce the cost of health services Tnoimanm in 
health facilities
in addition to that there is a significant economic factor Provided by 
operations per day is the
return of workers to direct their work in record time, in addition 
to working in the preventive
potential for transmission of infection among patients with 
secure operations per day this aspect.

ENT Department:
Department of Anesthesia Mrkzalzherataby proud of it overseen by a selection of
anesthesia and doctors, who make up an integrated team advanced experience in all
forms of anesthesia and recovery from surgery after obtaining the doctorate anesthesia
and intensive care.

The Section is supported by the crew of Altkhaddiralistant been carefully selected
according to a policy of integrated mental patient Vthith understands the feelings of
sincere friendship and compassion.

In addition to surgical anesthesia anesthesia services are provided in sections: radiation,
and skin and teeth, and emergency department.

Department provides the latest monitoring bodies in accordance with the standards of
the World Medical.

Operations Section:
Rooms full of equipment can be any work which includes surgical operations Laayoune
and cosmetic surgery and surgery perspectives and Ampuamilit Alenca others.

We have the latest surgical perspectives and the perspectives of women surgery We also
have the latest world and the only body in Kuwait for the white water.

Working in the section of the technical team of highly experienc ed and alert and
conscience of every individual who wishes to the patient's health and ensure personal
health and the health of his family.

It goes without saying sterilization department, who is proud of the hospital, which won
the admiration of official observers and non-formal plan as the sterilization and cleansing
in Antrzachtp Court for the patient to ensure better working conditions and reduce
surgical wounds burden of fear of infections.