Department of Anesthesia, as supervised by a selection of anesthesia and doctors, who make up
an integrated team advanced experience in all forms of anesthesia, recovery and placement after
surgery. The Section is supported by a team of professional anesthesia were carefully selected
according to a policy of integrated mental patient with understands the feelings of sincere
friendship and compassion.

Department activities:
Drugged to surgical patients of various (of general surgery, urology, ear and nose, plastic surgery,
surgery .....) perspectives, including:

A) To disclose to patients and review the tests before the operation so as to prepare them
full operation.

B) An anesthe tic during the operation, and that is either general anesthesia or topical Aoncefy.

C) Follow-up patients in the house after the operation to check on their vitality and go after
sedation In addition to surgical anesthesia services are provided in sections: ray, dental, and
emergency department.

Department provides the latest monitoring bodies in accordance with the standards
of the World 

Operations Section:
Rooms full of equipment can be any work which involves surgical operations, cosmetic surgery
and ophthalmology Alodn, nose and throat surgery and general surgery and surgery Alencajrahp
perspectives and jaw, teeth, and others.
It goes without saying sterilization department, who is proud of the Center, which won the
admiration of official observers and non-formal plan as the sterilization and cleansing in
Antrzachtp Court for the patient to ensure better working conditions and reduce surgical
burden of fear of infections.
You are invited to spend a whole day to visit these departments and 
its members met during
the day and we hope to show the visitor Karim clear picture of our 

General anesthesia .. Not just a needle:
Think many of the patients as well as a general anesthetic, healthy patients during surgery
only be injected magic needle in the arm for the patient is then the surgeon operated
in fact entitled to these patients to think that simple, as it deems the patient from
surgery and 
anesthesia for the Aitady The needle that is then in a deep sleep, that up to bed
safe and sound, 
recovering fully conscious, but not a reality as this initial injection of anesthetics
Aitady effect five 
to ten minutes is a general anesthetic to ensure continuity after one of two
The first is through intravenous injection of painkillers and also intravenous drug to
adequate sleep and placement of surgical quality of the work to be done (which Maiaraf
intravenous anesthesia) and secondly, the most widely using the drug Alistnchakip Inchagaha
being of the patient through an anesthesia and its relevant organs of sophisticated
Calhaluhtan special medication and Alaezovloren The Sifovloren and Aldesfloren, a Maiaraf
Alistnchaki anesthesia and Maisud of greenhouse important Kalooxgen water, gas and housing,
have an impact unconscious Kalnetross dioxide given brackets fit the patient's condition, weight,
age and length of the surgery is anticipated, in addition to the respirators and anesthesia-related
device used during the operation after To be spontaneous patient stopped breathing temporarily
and intended by the anesthetist during the surgery and, in addition, the patient is closely
monitored through the highly sophisticated equipment contribute to the safety of the patient
during surgery after the evolution of anesthesia in recent years developed rapidly through many
drugs and devices Modern, which is keen to secure Mrkzalzherata by first of all medical services
to keep pace with rapid developments in the medical world.