Radiology & Ultrasonography

Section X-Ray and Sonar outpatient service as well as internal divisions and operations over 12 hours a day, this section contains the latest devices in the field of Medical Imaging and is based on work by a doctor specializing in this highly specialized field. 

This section provides the following services:

1 - X-Ray Colored (character): 

• X-Ray Colored of the Kidneys and Routes
• X-Ray Colored Urethra 
Colored X-Rays of the Stomach and Intestine and Colon

General Surgery:
• X-Ray Colored Nassour
• X-Ray Colored of the Salivary Glands
• X-Ray of Light Colored Belly for the period after surgical intervention
• Examination of X-Ray Colored Leg Veins
• Colored X-Rays of the Stomach and Intestine and Colon

• X-Ray Colored of the Kidneys and Routes
• Colored X-Rays of the Rising or Falling Urethra Front and Rear
• X-Ray Colored on the Anther

Obstetrics and gynecology clinic:
• X-Ray Colored to the Uterus and Tubes (with or without the drug)

2 - X-Ray Regular: 
1 - Greater determine the age and maturity in cases of dwarfism
2 - Scan on different parts of the backbone 
3 -Pelvic radiation in pregnant women to determine the feasibility of natural birth
4 - X-Ray normal Nasal and Side Pockets of the Nasal Pharynx Diet
5 - X-Ray specific places of the body, according to the different complaint

3 - Sonar clinic: 
1 - Sonar on the Brain of Newborn Infants
2 - Sonar on the Thyroid Gland and Neck
3 - Sonar on the Hip of Infants and Newborns
4 - Sonar Breast
5 - Sonar on the Abdomen and Pelvis
6 - Sonar Anal men
7 - Sonar on the Testicles

4 - Colored Sonar Clinic: 
1 - Sonar on the main Neck Artery
2 - Sonar Operation Intestinal High
3 - Sonar on the Thigh Artery and Veins
4 - Sonar Veins on the Testicles
5 - Sonar Operation Anther

5 - Sonar Women and Birth: 
1 - Sonar from 11-13 weeks of pregnancy to measure the thickness of the area behind the neck for the diagnosis of Chromosomal Abnormalities
2 - Sonar search for birth defects at 16-24 weeks of pregnancy
3 - Sonar measurement of the efficiency of the Fetus in late pregnancy
4 - Sonar to identify and detect Ovulation 
5 -Sonar measurement of the efficiency of the Womb of a normal pregnancy or before pregnancy  Assistant   Embryo transfer
6 - Vaginal Sonar