Specialities / Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology Department that is equipped with the latest equipment and medical instruments and modern techniques that match international standards in the section containing the latest diagnostic tools that help in early diagnosis of eye diseases such as:
1. A visual examination of the area.
2. An ultrasound.
3. Determine the thickness of a cornea.
4. Cornea surface imaging device.
5. The latest units optometry Palmbbah Scamp and most eye pressure measuring devices.
6. The bottom of a camera eye.

The section is a surgery the following:
Laser surgery:
A. For the prevention and treatment of glaucoma.
B. Irchahat treatment network resulting from diabetes and many other diseases.
C. Treatment of holes retina.
   Is conducting all types of smaller operations, such as: Dhafra, fat bags, Teslic Damaip Channel and others.

   Major surgery:
A. Surgery to correct consideration:
1. Allizk processes using the latest laser devices Alikzimmer provider with a follow-up eye movement.
2. Lens within the eye planted.
3. Seminars within the cornea transplant.
B. Cataract surgery:
Available in the center of the latest ultrasound (Alvico) to remove the cataract through a 2-mm-long wound.
C. Glaucoma surgery (glaucoma).
D. Strabismus surgery.
E. Eyelids surgery and the Damai.